Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for me to enroll in the Academic Achievement Program?
No, you can apply to the Academic Achievement Program at any time. Most invitations to apply are mailed to eligible students during the summer prior to their first term at Coe. The program is funded to serve 210 students. Once this number is reached, students may be placed on a waiting list.

I am a very good student and do not need any help with my classes. What does AAP offer that would benefit me?
Great question! AAP obviously offers a lot of academic support services and some students, who wish to maintain very high grades for admission to graduate and professional school, will take advantage of tutoring. But in addition to the academic services, some students will benefit from help with career planning and/or graduate school preparation. Some students participate in the cultural enrichment opportunities. The additional scholarship money is another advantage for some students who participate in AAP. And some students just like to come down and visit the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the AAP Office.

I understand the Academic Achievement Program offers a special scholarship. How can I apply for this?
Each year, AAP offers the College Completion Challenge Grant to students who qualify, with money provided by the Dept. of Education. The grant amount ranges from $400 to over $2000. To qualify, a student must be in their first or second year of college, PELL Grant eligible and an active participant in the Academic Achievement Program. Applications are available in the Academic Achievement Office.

A friend told me about a trip he took to San Francisco, sponsored by AAP. How can I get this same opportunity?
AAP provides a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in an educational trip to a different major city each year, usually during spring break. AAP covers most costs associated with the trip, including travel, lodging, entrance fees, and some meals. There is an application process and selection is based on several factors including the student's essay.

I came to Coe thinking I wanted to be a business major. I just took accounting and I hate it. Now my parents keep asking me what I want to do after I graduate from college. I have no idea. What can I do?
Don't panic. This is a fairly common occurrence. Students frequently change their major from freshman to senior year, sometimes more than once. Some students simply can't decide between all the choices that are available. Come and talk with a member of the AAP staff and we will help you sort through your interests and strengths to determine a choice that is right for you. Several career inventories are available to help in this process.

My grades were in the tank last semester. Can you help me?
AAP offers a variety of services that may be useful. The first step is to talk with an AAP staff member to determine the cause for the low grades. It may be helpful to determine your preferred learning style and corresponding study skills. Tutoring or time management strategies may be useful. Exploring motivation issues may be appropriate. Be proactive and ask for assistance. Don't feel you have to solve this problem on your own.

I have a learning disability. What can you do to help me?
A lot of this will depend on the nature of the learning disability and the appropriate accommodations listed on your documentation. AAP can provide note takers, extended and oral test proctoring, help with course selection, oral textbooks, and help with organization and/or time management. For further information, contact the AAP staff.

I had an IEP in high school. Will I be entitled to the same support services in college?
There are differences in the legislation which governs high schools versus post-secondary education in regard to disability services. High schools follow IDEA legislation. Colleges follow Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Though it is likely that many of the same services that were provided in high school will also be provided in college, it is not necessarily the case. Please talk to the AAP staff for more information.

Something has been bothering me and I would like to talk to someone about it. Can you help me?
Most students will have the need to talk to someone about issues and concerns at some point in their college career. This can range from homesickness or roommate issues to substance abuse and depression. The AAP staff (the counselor in particular) can offer assistance and support to students as they work through these issues.

I've been admitted to Coe on probation. What does that mean?
Coe firmly believes that all students admitted to the college can be successful here. However, if your high school record or standardized test scores are below average, you may be asked to demonstrate your ability by earning a 2.0 GPA in your first semester. The TRANSITIONS Program provides additional academic support to students to make sure they have a strong foundation in reading, writing and study skills.

All this sounds great...but why would I want to be in AAP if I can get many of the same services elsewhere?
That is a great question. First, many of these services are not available elsewhere. Secondly, try to remember that AAP is not just here to give support in the form of services and counseling. We are also here to build a community. As a student enrolled in AAP, you will be part of a wider network of friends and support staff. AAP offers many opportunities to connect with other people through social activities and educational events. Come check it out.