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Presidential Platform

Anna Barton and Max Stanford Platform

President and Vice President of the Coe College Student Body

“Get the most out of your Coe Experience”

Campus Structure:

  • Heighten Coe security
    • Better light the campus and improve building safety by installing more key card entrances and install video surveillance on perimeter campus properties
  • Remodel Upper Gage
    • Believing a student union should be a hub of student life we would like to transform Upper Gage into an inviting space for students.
  • Accessibility
    • Support the Committee on Diversity in it’s attempts to improve campus accessibility for all kinds of disabilities


  • Improve current housing options
    • Addressing student complaints and wishes regarding laundry services, cleanliness and air conditioning and heat problems
  • Expand residential options
    • Help plan and develop future housing for students such as the recently bought Hampton Apartments
  • Create procedure for long-term campus improvement issues such as campus sidewalks

Living Environment:


  • Empower the food committee
    • Enable Senators to implement dining changes through monthly meetings with Tom Wieseler
  • Work with Sodexo and students to improve healthy food options
    • Educate students on the Coe Sodexo website
    • Post nutrition facts in the cafeteria
    • Have “Healthy Options” substitute cards each week
    • Increase vegetarian options
  • Increase Cafeteria and PUB Options
    • Breakfasts To-Go from the PUB
    • “Home Recipe” Submission Contest
    • Meal Exchanges for Lunch in the PUB 2 days per week
      • Teach students the costs (and tuition dollars) of wasting electricity and water and how to conserve resources


  • More Student recycling
    • Add more recycling bins and clearly label them
    • Anonymous Can Dump Fundraiser with money raised going back to Coe
  • Educate Coe of ‘Going Green’ Benefits

Public Relations:

Improve Campus Communications:

  • Regulate use of campus-wide email
  • Create a Senate Chalk Board in Lower Gage for Senate announcements
  • Continue Twitter and Social Networking
  • Email a “State of the Senate Address” from the President and Vice President
  • Create a “Kohawk Connection” a communication system to connect senators and students

Student Events & Involvement:

  • Enhance Coefest Tradition
    • Book a broader variety of music for students to enjoy
    • Maintain the fun “Octoberfest” feel with the outdoor barbeque and beverages
  • “Big- Name” Band
    • Carry on with Big Band in the Spring and look for alternate funding sources
  • Friday After Class
    • Rotate FAC at the Sip and in the PUB
    • Partner with SAC and find student performers for FAC
  • Increase Student Attendance at Campus Events
    • “Kohawk Endorsed” events spotlight
    • Increase communication among clubs and organizations through organizational head meetings

Student Senate:

More Senator Empowerment and Involvement:

  • Delegation within Senate
  • Senator Homework to increase communications with constituents

Diversifying Student Senate for fair representation:

  • Proposal of an “alternative” student senate meeting time led by President and Vice-President to include more people.

Budget and Finance:

  • Increase student activity fee by $5 per semester
    • Allow student organizations to continue with valuable opportunities for participants.
  • Open-Book System
    • Make the budget allocations easy for students to understand so they can understand what their student activity fee pays for
  • Create network of organizational treasurers prior to Budget and Finance Day
    • Each club requesting funding would come/present information about their club/what they want to use their funds for.
    • Allows for Senate to provide feedback to increase positive results on Budget and Finance Day

Kohawk Pride:

Kohawk Spirit Week:

  • Outstanding Kohawks Highlighted
  • Charlie the Kohawk Clues around campus
  • Kohawk Trivia
  • Charlie Kohawk display

Inexpensive Spirit Wear for Events:

  • Discounts and Incentives
  • Create school unity and pride
  • Work with organizations to increase attendance