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Presidential Platform

Gabe Etzel and Sean Don

President and Vice President write-in campaign platform

Campus Life:

  • Sponsor informative events to reduce campus misconduct (assault, theft, sexual violence, etc.)
  • Keep the Writing Center in Lower Gage
  • Lobby for improvement of campus infrastructure (sidewalks, quads, crows, etc.)

Student Programs:

  • Inform clubs/organizations of new check writing process
  • Help balance Student Senate budget by reducing spending
  • Increase Student Senate activity on campus
    • Increase student body knowledge about Student Senate
  • Help increase student retention
    • Promote student options (AAP, tutoring, help sessions, etc.)
    • Focus groups for students to voice academic and campus life concerns
  • Promote student wellness
    • Increase awareness of existing programs (St. Luke's programs, health living options, shuttle services, etc.)
  • Work study transfer options