Presidential Platform

Claire Tupper and Samantha (Sam) Fitzgerald
Student Body President and Vice President
2017 Platform and Initiatives

Our Initiatives:

  1. Safety on Coe’s campus
    1. Meet Security on social media
    2. Blue emergency posts updated
    3. Speed bump on college drive or flashing crosswalk signs
  2. Balance the budget
    1. Audit Club Budgets
    2. Keep student activity fee low
    3. Utilize senate reserve fund for campus wide projects
  3. Unite Coe College students
    1. Encourage active senators on campus
    2. All types of events on Kohawk Krazies app
  4. Better Campus Life in general
    1. Free Women’s hygiene products in bathrooms
    2. More regulated trash/recycling removal
    3. Better smelling library bathrooms
    4. Continue to improve campus atmosphere (like holiday lights)
  5. Accessibility on campus
    1. Improving pathways & sidewalks
    2. Better storm drainage on sidewalks
    3. Making all of campus more handicap accessible
  6. Campus hours
    1. Library – open at least 45 minutes before 8 am classes
    2. Fitness Center hours – especially weekend hours
    3. Mailroom – better hours and better advertising of said hours
    4. Pub hours – weekends (especially for prospective students)
    5. Reading Day – professors required to be present, regardless of whether on a weekend day or not

Sam Ftzgerald and Claire TupperWe, Claire Tupper and Samantha (Sam) Fitzgerald are planning to better campus life in a few different ways. First, we would like to work with Campus Security to update the blue emergency phones located on campus as well as familiarize campus to the security team through social media and meet and greets. We also plan to continue to help make campus more accessible to all by improving sidewalks and making campus more handicap accessible. As for working with the Senate itself, we plan to motivate senators to balance the budget and join all students to support more events around campus.