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Presidential Platform

Malika Wilson & Sean Don
Student Body President and Vice President Campaign Platform

Accomplished in 2015

  • Improved Wi-Fi by purchasing additional access points
  • Increased accessibility on campus
    • Funded the ADA Compliant Renovation of the Upper Gage Bathrooms
    • Purchased a New Lift in Marquis
  • Addressed student security concerns by adding Door Scanners to frequently propped doors
  • Facilitated the repair of sidewalks throughout campus
  • Purchased New Ticketing System
  • Balanced the Senate Budget
  • Big Band
  • Hosted forums for Students to voice concerns
  • Increased student body knowledge of Student Senate
    • Maintained a full senate
    • Moderated a Senate meeting with over 100 attendees
    • Hosted forums for students to learn about Senate
    • Hosted “How to Sessions” for Budget and Finance Day

Currently In The Works

  • Refurbishing Dorm Furniture
  • Increasing Food Satisfaction
  • Off-Campus Housing Status

2016 Goals

  • Capitalize on our relationships with the Board of Trustees, the Administration, and the Faculty of the college to foster a more inclusive community.
    • Advocating for Gender Neutral Housing
    • Develop Support Systems for Diverse Populations on Campus
      • Encourage the creation of greek organizations falling under the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • Utilizeo Food Satisfaction SurveyResidence Life Connections to Increase Student Satisfaction with Food Services and Living Spaces
    • Improve Dorm Furniture
    • Continue Work on Accessibility
      • Improve Campus Infrastructure (i.e. Sidewalks)
  • Actively Work to Solve Retention Issues Through Community Building
    • Big Band
    • Coe Olympics
    • Monthly Senate Hangouts in the Pub
  • Involve the Student Body in Senate Deliberations
    • Share Summaries via Social Media Following Each Meeting

2016 Dreams

  • Seating in Cherry Auditorium
  • Accessible Laundry Rooms
  • Security in the Apartments