New Students

I-Club Cultural Show, fall 2017I-Club Cultural Show, fall 2017

The information in these pages is just for you - new students - and focuses on all of the things you should be thinking about before you arrive at Coe as well as information you’ll need to be aware of for your first week on campus. Please check out the Handbook page for lots of specific and general information about being an international student at Coe College. The ISO and NSO pages will give you facts about the 7 days you’ll spending orienting yourself to campus and to all of the great people here ready to welcome you.

Be sure, also, to check out all of the information on the Current Students pages and, importantly, the Immigration Information pages. There’s lots to know about being an international student at Coe and about being an F-1 visa holder.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact Peter, Director of International Affairs, ( or Josie, International Affairs Student Assistant, (