International Student Employment

On-Campus Employment

At Coe, international students have access to many academic, social, and financial opportunities for success, which includes work-study. See below for some common questions and answers.

Obtaining a Work-Study Award

In order to obtain a work study job, international students must show financial need and must be enrolled in a minimum of three course credits. For more information on eligibility or obtaining a position, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Work-Study Eligibility

If an international student is eligible for a work study award, it will be listed on their I-20 under the section "On-Campus Employment" (see yellow box below). International students are eligible for institutional (Coe) work-study, but are not eligible for federal work-study (from the US government).

I-20 sample

If you do not have anything listed in the "On-Campus Employment" section and would like to apply to be considered for an institutional work-study award, please complete this form if you are a degree seeking student and this form if you are an exchange student.

Finding a Work-Study Job

All students at Coe apply for positions through Coe Connections.

What Else You Need Before Beginning Work: Social Security Numbers

In order to legally work in the United States, international students must have a Social Security Number (SSN). If a student does not have a SSN, they must apply for one. Please visit the International Student Affairs page for more information about a Social Security Number, its uses and how to apply for one.

Off-Campus Employment

In order to work off-campus, international students must apply for CPT.

Additional Questions About Employment

If your questions are still not answered, please contact Peter Gerlach (