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Health Insurance for International Students

Coe requires all international students to have sickness and accident insurance. The cost of healthcare, especially hospitalization, is very expensive in the United States. Even a short illness can have a high cost associated with it. Students, therefore, must have health insurance to protect themselves from the effects of those costs. Each international student at Coe is automatically enrolled in the program and billed for the cost. The cost for the insurance plan is $675.00 for students under the age of 25 for the full 2017-2018 academic year. For students 25 and over, the cost is $882.00. Please contact Peter Gerlach ( for a copy of the ISO International Student Insurance brochure.

The sickness and accident insurance plan available through Coe is administered by ISO International Student Insurance. All questions about coverage and claims should be directed to ISO (contact information is on the provided student insurance card mailed to insured individuals each year). Please refer to the brochure here.

This insurance does NOT cover injuries associated with varsity athletics. If you plan to participate in a varsity sport, you must ensure you have appropriate insurance. See below for more information.

International Student-Athletes and Additional Requirements

International students at Coe - degree seeking, exchange, and ESL - have the opportunity to join and play on varsity athletics teams. If interested, students must complete all necessary paperwork, provide evidence of proper insurance coverage, and complete a physical examination. This is something you should begin doing while you are applying to the College or just after you’ve enrolled as a student at Coe. Finishing these requirements early ensures students will not have delays in getting on the field or court once their team’s season begins.

International athletes need to have an NCAA-approved insurance policy either in addition to the ISO International Student Insurance policy. Athletes who have evidence of an alternative policy must consult with the Athletics Department by July 1st each year so that they can ensure that all required paperwork is taken care of. Students should work with the Athletic Department ( and with the Office of Admission (Kayli Harlan, to complete this process. If international student-athletes exhaust all other insurance options, please contact Peter Gerlach ( about purchasing a sports rider through ISO International Student Insurance.

For more information or for additional/alternative policy options, athletes can contact Coe Athletic Trainer, John Chandler, at 319.399.8502 or Please also review the Athletic Department’s Medical Information Forms webpage: