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Health Services

The mission of the Coe College Student Health Services is to promote wellness and health. The purpose of the Student Health Services clinic is to educate students about their physical, emotional and spiritual self and promote healthy lifestyles with knowledge. With empowering students with knowledge and information, prevention of illness is targeted. In the event of illness, Student Health Services enables the student to become informed consumers of their healthcare to recieve optimal care. Coe's Health Service mission falls under the auspices of the mission developed by the Division of Student Affairs.


  • Lower level of Charlie's (The P.U.B.)

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 319-399-8617
  • Fax: 319-399-8269
  • Facebook


Office Hours: 8 a.m.-Noon Monday-Friday
1-4:30 p.m.
Student Appointments: 9 a.m.-Noon Monday-Friday
1-4 p.m.


  • Amy Leitch, DNP,ARNP,CPNP,FNP-BC; Director of Health Services and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
  • Teresa Reuter, CMA, Medical Assistant and Assistant to the Director