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Greek Life

Greek Life offers unlimited opportunities and benefits through scholarship, social activities, service projects, networking, leadership opportunities, and lasting friendships. Coe College's campus is home to five men's and three women's organizations.

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Becoming a member of the Greek Community at Coe will provide you with a variety of experiences that will help prepare you not only for a career but for life. These advantages include the development of leadership skills from chairing a committee, academic success with the help of organized scholarship programs, and increased knowledge on a variety of topics such as alcohol education and job-searching skills. You will gain all of these skills, along with many more, while developing life-long friendships.

The Greek Community realized that a common goal of each student is to achieve academic success; therefore, academics are a priority of all the Greek organizations at Coe. Time management skills are continually taught and stressed, study hours are organized for all members, and mid-term grade reports are received by all chapter academic officers to assist members in maintaining high academic standards. Over the years, Greek members at Coe have proven to obtain higher GPA's than non-Greek members.

Fraternity and Sorority members at Coe College are known for their social activities on campus, due in part to the strong bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood you find within each organization. Each organization has a social committee which plans a variety of activities for their own members along with other Greek chapter members. Some of the activities sponsored include formals, theme dances, and mixers. You will form bonds that will last a lifetime and friendships that you will find nowhere else. Joining Greek life is a very rewarding experience, and one you will not forget.

The men and women of the Coe College Greek Community invite you to take a closer look at what our community has to offer. Click here to learn more about how Greek Life at Coe College!

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