Campus Safety & Security

Campus Security is available 24/7 by calling 319-399-8888.

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Security Personnel - Coe contracts its security services to provide seven-days-a-week, 24-hours-per-day coverage. The college retains the right to replace any officer immediately in the event that the college is dissatisfied or has concerns about the officer's abilities. The officers are trained in basic first aid, emergency procedures, patrolling and C.P.R. Services performed include locking and unlocking buildings, random and preventive patrols of campus, escorts, enforcement of college regulations, enforcing college parking regulations, medical emergency response, and emergency message delivery. The Security Office is located in Upper Gage Union. The officers can be contacted by calling x8888 on any campus phone (319-399-8888 if not using a campus phone). This number is posted across campus and in residence halls. Members of the Coe community are urged to notify the security office immediately concerning any criminal and/or suspicious activity or emergency that occurs on campus.

There are security phones in grey boxes located by the campus-side doors of most buildings and in some parking lots. These phones ring directly to the security officers. Security will respond and initiate whatever action is necessary to resolve a situation, including the notification of Cedar Rapids Police, fire or medical agencies when appropriate.

Residence Hall Security - Students are housed in residence halls, apartments, and several small houses. The residence halls are staffed by a professional area coordinator, an assistant residence director and residence assistants. The apartments are staffed by a residence life graduate assistant, an assistant residence director and administrative house managers. All staff members undergo thorough training in safety and security issues and policies. A residence assistant is available in each hall from 7 p.m. until 8 a.m. and makes regular rounds of the building. In addition, an area coordinator, the dean of student life, the dean of campus life, the dean of student retention services and/or the vice president for student affairs are on call 24-hours-per-day, seven-days-a-week. Entrances to each building are locked at all times and access for students is gained through their ID/key card.

When classes are not in session, the residence halls are closed, and the buildings are secured. Students receiving permission to stay are granted access through the ID/key card system. Security officers and Residence Life staff make routine rounds through the buildings. The campus apartments remain available for students who reside in them to stay over breaks.

Safety & Security - On November 8, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law federal legislation known as the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act. The "Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990", mandates a description of policies related to campus security and statistics concerning specific crimes reported to campus authorities or local police agencies, be disclosed. This section is intended to inform all current and prospective students and employees of Coe College's safety and security program. It serves as a reminder that everyone can help ensure their own safety and others' by taking reasonable precautions and using a common sense approach to personal safety.

For the latest Coe College Safety and Security Report (Clery Act), click here.