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Endowment Enhancement
Goal: $45 million

Despite constant financial challenges, the college has long provided a quality of education comparable to academic institutions with endowments many times the size of Coe's. Now, thanks in large measure to the Clark gift, Coe's financial situation is the most stable it has been in 155 years, and the moment is at hand for the college to realize its vision of achieving a higher level of academic excellence. To do this, Coe must strengthen its endowment.

Simply put, endowment gifts to Coe become investments that are held in perpetuity, with the money earned from the investments used to support the college's many programs. Ultimately, a healthy endowment guarantees the stability of an institution. A strong endowment provides recurring income that can benefit all aspects of the college, sustaining and supporting every effort it undertakes. Such income is a permanent source of funding that enriches teaching, learning and research. Endowed funds allow the college to hire and retain an outstanding faculty, provide essential scholarship support for students, and expand research, travel and foreign study opportunities for all members of the academic community.

Gifts to the endowment offer donors the unique and important benefit of being able to touch the lives of students and faculty yet unborn. Further, an endowment gift honors publicly the name of the donor - or that of a family member, friend or beloved professor. A large and growing endowment is the engine that powers an institution, and building such an endowment at Coe is the most important goal of the campaign.