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Campus Expansion Project
Goal: $7 million

One of the most striking deficiencies in Coe's campus is the lack of a sufficient expanse of playing fields for athletics and intramurals. This is a long-standing issue for the college, given its urban setting. Meanwhile, Coe's enrollment has grown to record levels, increasing by more than 20 percent over the last decade, with the largest number of students living on campus in institutional history.

At Coe, the ideal is for athletics and academics to go hand-in-hand to produce a full undergraduate experience. The Coe community believes that, kept in proper balance, athletics reinforce the lessons learned in the classrooms and laboratories. As testament to the value of athletics, most of the better schools in the region and most schools in the ACM have added significantly to their athletic facilities during the past decade. To give life to this ideal at Coe, significant updates must occur.

Since January of 2006, the college has acquired two-thirds of the properties in the identified area between 14th Street NE and 15th Street NE along A Avenue NE, B Avenue NE, and C Avenue NE, adjacent to the campus. The Defining Moment Campaign seeks funding to continue the acquisition of property within these boundaries to fulfill the previously announced plan. As the college acquires this property, it will be converted to green space for athletics and intramurals. Along with beautifying the campus and creating a more attractive setting for current and prospective students, the additional space gives the college flexibility in considering future construction projects, should they prove necessary.

The Campus Expansion Project is vital for the future success of Coe, but it also has the potential to serve as a catalyst for revitalization in the college's lower northeast side neighborhood, including the adjoining business district.