Student Opportunities

  • The Spellman Summer Research Program

  • Off-Campus Study
    Numerous domestic and international study programs are available to Coe students. Business administration and economics majors have gained classroom and work experience while participating in these programs. For more information on off-campus study, please contact the Office of Admission.

  • Honors Program
    The departmental honors program is strongly recommended for those students who plan to attend graduate school. Departmental honors are granted to qualified students who, during their senior year, complete a two-class sequence of rigorous research that results in a thesis written with faculty guidance and assistance. In recent years, honors students have had opportunities to present the results of their research at professional meetings and to publish articles in professional journals.

  • May Term
    Our month long May Term allows our faculty to offer courses beyond our regular catalog offerings. This enables students to study advanced topics such as total quality management, employment law, sports economics, computer business applications, and business ethics. Internships and off-campus courses are also available during May Term.