Business Administration

In the Business program at Coe, students are exposed to broad areas of study in accounting, business, and economics. Students are also allowed to shape their studies by taking mid- and upper-level courses with professors who specialize in a variety of business areas. Although the particular business interest areas of our students vary, we have structured the program to provide each student with the same core of fundamental business knowledge. As a result, each business major is required to take the following six core courses:

Rob Kuennen, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Economics

  • BUS 205 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS 215 Principles of Accounting II
  • ECO 205 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 215 Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUS 240 Statistical Analysis
  • BUS 315 Business Law I

Each business major must also complete at least one management course, at least one marketing course, at least one finance course, and at least two additional business elective courses. Students can use their electives to get a broad understanding of business or to specialize in a particular area within business. Concentrations are available in management, marketing, and sports management. Students interested in specializing in finance might work with their faculty to choose appropriate upper-level courses in finance and/or economics. Students interested in accounting or economics might choose to complete a separate major in accounting or a major or minor in economics.

Introductory course sizes of 20 to 25 students and upper-level course sizes of 10 to 20 students provide our majors ample opportunity to become involved in their education and to get to know departmental faculty. Many of our faculty have industry experience, nearly all have received the highest academic degree available in their respective fields, and all are committed to challenging students in ways that integrate fundamental business theory with real-world experiences and events. In responding to the challenges presented to them by our faculty, our students build valuable critical thinking and reasoning skills as well as improve in their ability to communicate their ideas in a variety of contexts, including classroom presentations, research papers, case analyses, group projects, and a variety of individual assignments. As a result of this two-way educational commitment, Coe business majors are well-prepared for internships, careers following graduation, and graduate school programs at schools such as Columbia, University of Chicago, The University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, and others.

Because we are the largest department on campus with the most full-time faculty, each semester we are able to offer many course options for our students. For example, multiple sections of our most popular introductory and mid-level courses are offered every term. The wide variety and accessibility of our course offerings allow students to graduate with a Business Administration degree in four years, including transfer students and those students who choose to complete multiple majors or who choose to study abroad for a semester.