Off-campus study opportunities

Students in our Department frequently take advantage of semester- or year-long off-campus academic and cultural opportunities that enrich their college experiences in meaningful and lasting ways. Both domestic and international programs are available.

Students wanting to study outside of the U.S. can choose from programs that offer business and economics courses only or a combination of business, economics, and other types of courses. Some programs are taught in English only, while others allow students to strengthen their foreign language skills in an international context. The international study options available to our students include:

  • Exchange programs – Coe has established unique exchange relationships with universities that span the globe, including a variety of schools in Europe (ex. France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden) and Asia (ex. Japan, South Korea, Thailand). In addition, Coe has established a unique Asia Term for students interested in exploring several Asian countries during their off-campus study experience.
  • ACM programs – Through its membership in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), Coe offers off-campus study programs in Botswana, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, India, Italy, Mexico, and Tanzania.
  • May Term – The Department of Business Administration and Economics offers a variety of international May Term opportunities for our students, including the recent May Term course Central Europe in Transition (with travel to Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland). For more information on May Term course offerings in business and economics, visit the Department’s May Term web page.
  • Other – Students are also able to participate in qualified exchange programs they find on their own. In recent years, students have studied in universities in Australia and participated in Semester at Sea.

Of course, international opportunities are only one example of the many types of off-campus opportunities available to our students. Semester-long domestic opportunities include the ACM Chicago Program, New York Term, and Washington D.C. Term. The Department also offers domestic May Term opportunities such as recent May Term courses Business Sustainability and the Environment and Economics of Renewable Energy, both of which included significant domestic travel and company visits. For more information on May Term course offerings in business and economics, visit the Department’s May Term web page.

Finally, other unique off-campus opportunities include service learning projects with local organizations and service trips to off-campus locations over spring break, May Term, and summer sessions.