Internships allow students to thoughtfully apply their academic knowledge in real-world business contexts, and most students who major in the Business Administration and Economics Department complete an internship during their time at Coe. Located in the heart of a mid-sized Midwestern city, Coe has forged connections with local businesses to provide our students with unique practical internship experiences as well as career opportunities after graduation. Internships are available to Coe students in a range of industries at a wide variety of local companies ranging in size (from small to large) and business scope (from domestic to international), including AEGON USA, Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival, Clifton Gunderson LLP, GreatAmerica Leasing, Merrill Lynch, Red Cross, Rockwell-Collins, St. Luke’s Hospital, and Van Meter Industrial. Internships are also available in the many not-for-profit organizations in the Cedar Rapids area.

Internships are typically completed in a student’s junior or senior year and can be done during the fall or spring semesters, during May Term, or during the summer break. Although many students choose to complete internships with local Cedar Rapids organizations, students are able to complete qualified internships anywhere they find them, including in their hometowns during May Term or summer break, or as part of off-campus experiences such as the Chicago Business, Entrepreneurship, and Society Program, New York Term, and Washington D.C. Term.

To learn more about internship opportunities at Coe, visit the Coe College Center for Creativity and Careers web page. To access a list of local Chamber of Commerce member organizations, visit the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce web site.