Brian Wadswoth  '15

Hometown: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry

What activities are you involved in?
Men's Basketball and I'm a CAP Leader.

Why did you decide to attend Coe?
Coe has a strong reputation in chemistry and the sciences. I also knew that there would be unlimited possibilities at Coe, especially living in the metropolitan Cedar Rapids area.

What is the best part of being a Kohawk?
The campus atmosphere. Coe is like one big family and has truly become my home away from home.

What do you remember most from your first year?
Living on fourth floor Armstrong with all the other first year basketball players. We all became really good friends and had a blast living right next to one another. As juniors we all still hung out together and continue to build those bonds this year as well.

Describe your favorite interaction with a professor.
I spent all summer doing one-on-one research with an organic chemistry professor at Coe. I had my own independent project, but he was there to review my work and make sure it was done as if I were in a professional setting. Every once in a while we would grab some lunch together to talk about my project's progress.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering Coe?
Get involved! Coe will be exactly what you make it to be. Get out there early and start making connections now.  Before you graduate, each Coe student should at least have a taste of working in a professional setting.

What is it like living in Cedar Rapids?
The opportunities that the city gives to Coe students are unbelievable. It's difficult to get those same opportunities at another liberal arts college. Also, the restaurants in downtown Cedar Rapids are amazing. There are a couple small places that not many people know about, but are absolute gems in the city.

Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?

What was the best part of being a junior?
As a junior, I was an upper classman, but I didn’t have to stress about graduation until next year. I've still got another year to enjoy myself at Coe. And although there are many opportunities open to first-years and sophomores, every possible opportunity is pretty much open to me as a junior and senior.

If you could bring one thing from your hometown to Coe what would it be?
I don't know if I would bring anything with me from my hometown. Don't get me wrong I love my hometown, but when I left for college I wanted to go somewhere that wasn't the same as my home town, a change of scenery.

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