Faculty and Student InteractionBiochemistry is the study of the molecules that constitute living systems. As such, it is one of the most exciting fields of science today. Biochemists use a tremendous variety of tools - ranging from X-ray crystallography to column chromatography - to study the processes of life in microorganisms and in humans. Research in biochemistry ranges from the study of molecular dynamics of proteins to drug development for human diseases. The discipline of biochemistry also is the link from chemistry to many other health-related areas such as pharmacology, molecular biology, and microbiology.

At Coe, the biochemistry concentration is an excellent course of study for students who wish to pursue careers in the health professions as well as those wishing to continue their studies in graduate school. It is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes a deep knowledge of chemistry in addition to familiarity with the tools of molecular biology. This set of coursework prepares students for a variety of career options.