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Digital Exhibits

Some digital exhibits are under construction. If a link you're interested in is dead, please contact the archives assistant Harlene Hansen ( for more information.

Coe Etiquette Book (1941)


Coe Founders Exhibit


  • Coe Founders Exhibit - A collection of founder’s photographs and documents illustrating the founding and early history of Coe College.


1913 Ditty Book


  • 1913 Ditty Book - a student publication of comics and poems depicting Coe College history, student life, and faculty by Don Chilcote and Lowell "Buddy" Burrows

Aerials of Coe College Campus


  • Aerials of Coe College Campus - a collection of aerials spanning over 70 years from the 1930s to the 2000s. Descriptions are provided as the campus changes.

Coe College: The First Hundred Years


  • Coe College: The First Hundred Years - a web site directed by the Writing Center, containing information compiled by Coe students, faculty and alumni regarding the first one hundred years of Coe's history.

Coe College Buildings


Class Mascots


Flunk Day Collection


  • Flunk Day Collection - a collection of 34 flunk day broadsides from its founding in 1911 to 1978. Housed at the State Library of Iowa in the Iowa Heritage Digital Collections.

Coe Songs


  • Coe Songs - a collection of 3 Coe songs: "Hail Hail to Coe," "I want to go back to Coe Again," and an "Even Song," put to video clips from the 1939 Coe Film.


Coe Films


  • Coe Films -A collection of Coe films including: 1939 film,"Coe: A Christian College forthe Youth of Iowa," 1965 film for the Coe Challenge Campaign, and the 1972 film, "Coe a Special Place."