Anna Corkery '15

Anna CorkeryHometown: Iowa City, Iowa
Major: Nursing

What activities are you involved in?
Softball, Student Athletic-Advisory Committee, Coe College Nursing Association and Coe College Democrats.

Why did you decide to attend Coe?
I chose Coe after a campus visit. I really liked how friendly everyone was on campus. Everywhere I went people were welcoming and engaging. Also, Coe’s nursing program really stood out to me. They offer their students opportunities to work one-on-one with another nurse in a hospital setting as a junior and senior.

What does Coe mean to you?
Coe is my second home. At the end of every break, I’m excited to come back to campus. I’m completely comfortable here, and although my home is close by, I rarely go home. Campus is a fun place to be and there are always things going on.

What is it like living in Cedar Rapids?
Cedar Rapids is a city with things to do. It’s a city with places to see, shop, and eat at. It’s a nice community to be a part of.

How has Coe changed your life?
Coe has changed my life by allowing me to explore a range of activities and classes. Although I wanted to be a nurse before I got to Coe, I’ve been able to take classes that broaden my knowledge and view of the world. This allows me to be sure of what I want to do after college and allows me to explore different career paths.

Anna and friendsWhat do you like best about Coe?
I like that Coe is a place where I can be involved in multiple activities and still get a degree that’s applicable after college. I can play softball and be involved in various clubs and committees, all while earning a degree that will set me up for my future.

What do you do for fun on the weekends?
On the weekends I get together with friends. We go to shows or events on campus. In the spring we go to Cedar Rapids Kernels minor league baseball games.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering Coe?
Visit campus!

What service opportunities do you participate in?
As a freshman I helped at an urban garden in downtown Cedar Rapids. I also volunteered at a soup kitchen where I got to know some of the citizens that frequent there and make connections with them.

How was your transition from high school to Coe?
No matter where you go there is going to be a transition period. My transition to Coe was fairly easy. I had teachers that were invested in me that I felt I could ask for help if I needed. The week before classes, there are events and activities with a group of other incoming freshman so that you can make friends right away. It was a good transition with ways to meet new people and make friends.

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class so far is my interpersonal communications class. This was surprising to me because I usually consider myself fairly shy and I didn’t have any friends in the class when I began. The professor made herself extremely available for questions. I liked learning about how people communicate and how different people’s experiences will affect how they react to what others do and say. The professor told us stories to relate to the topics in class and made me feel more comfortable communicating with others. Had Coe not had the General Education requirements that they do, I probably wouldn’t have taken a class like that and would have never known that I had an interest in it.

What so far has been your favorite memory at Coe?
My favorite memory is playing glow in the dark capture the flag on the quad at midnight. We had glow sticks so that we could see people and had to try to get the other team’s flag without being tagged. It was a lot of fun and playing at midnight, in the dark with glow sticks, was an added variable that made it even better.

Anna and friends

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