American Studies

The American Studies program at Coe offers students a broad understanding of American culture by exploring America’s rich and unique diversity as well as the aspects that unite Americans as a people and a nation.  Students seeking experiences and studies that are not easily contained within a single discipline might find the interdisciplinary nature of American Studies appealing.  American Studies is similar to other disciplines in the humanities in that it develops the student’s ability to think critically and to articulate those ideas effectively in writing.  The program stresses the strong liberal arts experience that broadens intellectual horizons while providing sound preparation for a successful career in desired fields.

At Coe, students who pursue a degree in American Studies have the opportunity to work with instructors across disciplines who are knowledgeable and passionate about their field of study.  The program affords students the flexibility to tailor most of their coursework around their specific interests in American culture while learning to synthesize a variety of sources into a coherent idea(s).  Students are also encouraged to integrate resources available in the larger Cedar Rapids community into their plans of study.