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Alumni Clubs

Area Clubs:

These clubs are up and running. For more information, contact Jean Johnson at or call 1.877.CALL.COE (564-2957).

  • Phoenix
  • Southern Wisconsin
  • Tucson


Guidelines for Establishing a Coe College Area Club in Your Geographic Area

Purpose: Establish an informal gathering of Coe College alumni, parents and friends for the purpose of camaraderie and the sharing of friendships.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Brings together people with a common interest in Coe College (alumni, parents and friends)
  • Fosters a spirit of fellowship and loyalty
  • Provides area contacts for alumni, parents and friends
  • Opens a communication pipeline back to Coe

Benefits to Coe:

  • Enlarges the base of active alumni, parents and friends
  • Assists in spreading the word about Coe to prospective students
  • Provides an effective communications pipeline
  • Increases the general support for Coe
  • Provides a resource to assist Career Services (internships, networking, etc.)

Responsibilities of Coe College

  1. The “Club” will not be an official function of Coe.
  2. The Alumni and Development Offices will identify volunteers to coordinate geographical groups and obtain commitment to assist them in developing more active alumni, parents and friends. Development Officer or Alumni Office will provide assistance to get the group going via e-mail, telephone, or on-site contact.
  3. The Alumni Office will develop and provide lists of alumni, parents and friends by geographic area to volunteer(s).
  4. Information updates on alumni, parents and friends moving into the area, if any, will be provided to the Area Coordinator(s) yearly or more frequently if requested.
  5. Provide contact names of Admission Counselor and Career Services staff for each area.
  6. Provide current information on Coe to each Club (e-mail will be the preferred method of communication).
  7. Provide guidelines via e-mail or mail.
  8. PR space will be provided in the Courier and Class Newsletter (August and February), as well as the monthly electronic newsletter Coe E-News with area club information and activities planned. Information will be required four to six weeks prior to those months.
  9. Have sites that are working to assist in developing new sites in adjoining areas (mentors).
  10. Continue to develop new clubs throughout the country and overseas.

Responsibilities of the Local Club

  1. One to two individuals will act as coordinators with a minimum of a one year commitment.
  2. Funding is the responsibility of the club in that area.
  3. Coordinators will oversee the responsibilities of the Club.
  4. Coordinators will serve as area liaison for Coe College.
  5. Coordinators will commit to a minimum of one event annually. Two or three events are more effective to establish the Local Club.
  6. Provide timely feedback to the College on Club activities, new members, etc.
  7. Obtain an updated alumni, parents and friends list covering your geographic area from Amy Shipley, Alumni Assistant, email:, phone: 319-399-8561 or 1-877-564-2957 (KOHAWKS).
  8. Plan an initial get-together.
  9. Contact area alumni, parents and friends via phone, e-mail, or mail.
  10. Develop plans for future gatherings (picnics, parties, trips, etc.) with the alumni, parents and friends.
  11. Frequency of get-togethers will be determined by the local Club.
  12. Updated Coe news may be presented by members.