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Reid Olson '14

Hometown: Willmar, Minnesota
Major: Religion
Minor: Theatre Arts - Technical

What activities are you involved in?
Various theater activities, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, Intervarsity and Ultimate Frisbee.

Why did you decide to attend Coe?
I received a lot of mail from Coe, which initially spiked my interest and all the things that I was looking for in a college, Coe had. It has proven to be the right choice.

How has Coe changed your life?
I joined a fraternity, which I never imagined I would’ve done before college. But overall, the classes and experiences I have had at Coe have changed my outlook.  Before, I had just done things as they came; now I'm planning everything, I’m more organized and I’m on top of everything.

What advice do you have to prospective students looking at Coe?
Ask a lot of questions; none of them are going to be wrong questions when you are looking for a school. I highly encourage an overnight visit.  I had two overnight visits and I was still unsure after my first visit. The second visit, however, was great and helped solidify my decision to come to Coe.

Have you had any internship, research or study abroad experiences?
I’ll be interning at a local church during the summer of 2013 and I have had the opportunity to do research for various classes, which I’ve really enjoyed.

What is your favorite class and why?
Any course taught by Professor Kensky. Her classes are by far the best classes I have taken and I enjoy them so much for several reasons: the classes are challenging, she is a very knowledgeable professor, the topics are always interesting and I feel like I'm really learning a lot. As a student in one of her classes, you need to do the work, you need to argue your point and you need to be prepared, which is something I enjoy very much.

What so far has been your favorite memory at Coe?
Many of my favorite memories involve activities with my Sinfonian brothers. However, one event in particular sticks out. We were doing one of our music missions at St. Luke's Hospital, singing to the patients on the various wings and in cafeteria. We were singing outside of a room and all of a sudden, we were joined by one of the patients, a little girl. We sang to her and gave her a flower. There was just something about her smile and laugh that made the entire event worth it. It was very moving for all of us.

What is your favorite Coe tradition?
One of my favorite traditions at Coe is Symposium Day. It's inspiring to see how fellow students have been spending their time researching, planning and writing. It also gives other students a chance to appreciate their hard work.

What do you remember most from your First Year?
Well, my first year was the last year that freshman orientation created and performed skits, so I will never forget wearing a too small blue sequined leotard, while wearing Charlie the Kohawk's head and dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Why did you choose your major?
I'd like to think my major chose me. I took a religion course my freshman year because my advisor thought I would enjoy the class. My advisor was right and I soon declared myself a Religion major and have really enjoyed it.

What do you plan to do after Coe?
I'm planning on either going into seminary or going to get a Master's of Divinity.

What should every student do before they graduate?
My advice would be to study abroad or participate in a May Term. It could very well be something you regret not doing. Coe has a lot of connections and even if you’re interested in studying somewhere Coe doesn’t have a set connection, they will work with you to create one. Take me for example, I'm trying to go to Scotland to study, and Coe doesn't have a program there yet. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to work with Coe and the school in Scotland and I’ll  be able to go abroad.