Public Relations

Public relations students at Coe receive a broad background to prepare them for success as professional practitioners or graduate students. Classes in public relations, marketing, advertising, business, communication studies and art are required for majors, providing a multi-disciplinary approach. In addition, the Cedar Rapids area provides abundant opportunities for internships in public relations, providing students with real-world experience.

At Coe, public relations majors are required to obtain a second major in another academic area. This provides an advantage to those students who study public relations, as they can combine the major with other academic pursuits, such as business administration, art, communication studies, Spanish, philosophy, or virtually any other major on campus. When they graduate, Coe public relations majors all possess double majors, giving them superior credentials and preparation for future success.

Program Highlights

  • Faculty possess extensive professional experience in public relations and related fields, which provides extremely beneficial instruction for students.
  • An interdisciplinary approach ensures students get broad exposure to public relations, marketing, advertising, business, art, communications and other important related areas of study.
  • The greater Cedar Rapids area provides many opportunities for internships in public relations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.
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