The Physics Department at Coe provides comprehensive and balanced training for a variety of students including those who want to prepare to do graduate work, enter industry, to teach, or to broaden their liberal arts education. As a Coe physics major, you'll be encouraged to do individual research, working one-on-one with a professor.

Program Highlights:

  • Individualized learning and personal attention from faculty are hallmarks of Coe's physics program, lending to highly successful students.
  • The Physics Department is recognized worldwide for faculty-student research that has been conducted on the properties of glass, with new glasses discovered at Coe.
  • Coe Physics professors and more than 250 of their students have presented research at more than 70 conferences in the last decade, which represents a unique accomplishment for an undergraduate physics program. In addition, the faculty and students have published more than 65 research papers during this decade.
  • More than 20 undergraduate students participate in summer research at Coe each summer, working on projects normally reserved for graduate students, through National Science Foundation and other grants.
  • Grants received by the Coe physics department have totaled more than $1 million over the past decade.
  • Coe physics students travel extensively. They do research and attend conferences around the world. Recent trip destinations have included China, Japan, England, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Italy, Canada, Hawaii, Florida and Maryland.
  • Each year, Coe's science faculty receives calls from prestigious graduate schools requesting information on highly qualifies graduates who may consider their universities for graduate studies.
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