Gender Studies

The aim of the major in gender studies is to provide a framework for examining gender in societies. The major focuses on the experiences of women and men of various races, classes, and cultures in history, society, science, and the arts.

Program Highlights:

  • Coe's Gender Studies program is interdisciplinary, ensuring that you will explore how gender operates in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Every Gender Studies major completes a "capstone course," a large part of which is a self-designed research project on a topic in Gender Studies or an internship at a local social service agency.
  • Recent capstone projects have involved the local AIDS education agency, the local women's shelter, working with teen parents, hosting a discussion group at a local assisted living facility, and starting a reading group for women in the community.
  • Recent Gender Studies courses have treated topics such as queer theory, masculinities, gender and anthropology, and spiritual approaches to gender.
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