The goal of the Coe biology department is for each student to learn the underlying principles and mechanisms governing genes, cells, organisms, populations and landscapes, while also developing the intellectual skills used in the experimental process. Students do their own research and present their results in posters, scientific papers and presentations.

Program Highlights:

  • Teaching areas are well-equipped to support lectures, interactive seminars, and sophisticated laboratory and field studies.
  • Classes are small, allowing for ample interaction among students and faculty.
  • The biology labs are well equipped and provide all students with the opportunity to conduct independent investigations beginning in the very first semester.
  • In May Term and during the summer students can engage in research projects or participate in intensive courses on or off campus including topics such as bioinformatics, environmental ecology, immunology and urban ecology.
  • Students are able to broaden their horizons by participating summer sessions at the Coe College Field Station near the Boundary Waters canoe area in Northern Minnesota or spending a spring term studying tropical biology in Costa Rica. Other opportunities include participating in summer undergraduate research programs at major universities or research centers such as Baylor University, Mayo Clinic, University of California at Berkeley, University of Iowa, University of Chicago.
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