Credit Acceptance

Coe is happy to reward students for taking challenging high school courses and preparing themselves in the best possible way. Advanced standing options such as AP/IB and college credit are all options that allow students to gain credit towards graduation, place into upper level courses, or possibly both!

AP: Credit for up to eight comparable Coe courses, as well as advanced standing, will be granted to students who receive scores of 4 or 5 on approved Advanced Placement Tests offered by the College Board. No college grade is assigned when credit is granted on the basis of Advanced Placement Tests.

IB: Coe College grants placement and credit for the higher level examinations of the IB in which the student scores a five, six or seven. Up to eight IB course credits will be accepted by the College per student.

College Coursework: A grade of "C" or greater must have been achieved and the course must closely resemble a Coe College regular catalog course to receive credit. Four semester hours are equivalent to one course credit at Coe. Transferable courses will count for credit, but no GPA is transferred.