Off-Campus Opportunities

May Term

May Term in Serbia
May Term in Serbia

The Arts in Serbia - Dennis Barnett

Students study the culture and history of the former Yugoslavia using the theatre and performance of the area as their lens. Much of the first week is spent in class, reading plays, seeing videos, and studying the rudiments of the Serbian language. The next two weeks are spent primarily in Belgrade, visiting museums, theatres, restaurants and parks followed by a day trip to Novi Sad.

The Arts in London - Steven Marc Weiss

Students visit a variety of venues to view productions in the performing arts (dance, music, theatre) and works of fine art (museums/art collections/galleries) throughout London. Students will spend approximately 4 -5 days of the term on campus meeting with the instructor for 1) an orientation to England and, in particular, the city of London, and 2) an advance introduction to the cultural activities and events planned during the stay in London.