ROTC at Coe

Coe offers both the Army ROTC and the Air Force ROTC programs.


Army ROTC is a college elective, designed to be integrated with your regular curriculum, and give you the skills needed to become an Army Officer or a leader in any field. Any Coe student can take the first two years of Army ROTC without obligation...and learn to lead.

For students or prospective students, Army ROTC also provides the path toward Army Officership with numerous benefits. From training, to full-tuition scholarships, to a guaranteed job after college, Army ROTC offers a great deal to those interested in serving.

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Air Force ROTC

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to allow young men and women to pursue a commission in the United States Air Force while pursuing a college degree. The purpose of the AFROTC program is to provide quality development of the individual so that they may serve as effective leaders and officers upon entering the Air Force. AFROTC affords graduates the opportunity to pursue a broad range of career fields to include aviation related jobs, law, space operations, medicine, intelligence, computer systems, and engineering. You can take part in this unique experience as a college freshman with no commitment. As a matter of fact, you can continue in the program without any commitment to the military for the first two years. The AFROTC program is open to all college students regardless of major or academic year.

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