The Rhetoric Department at Coe explores the role of speaking and writing at work in the world. We offer majors and minors in both Communication Studies and Writing, and we offer a wide variety of courses open to students from any major.

Whether you're just taking a few courses, or working on a major, rhetoric courses will help you

  • examine the relationship between yourself and your world
  • practice persuasive speaking and writing
  • test your beliefs against the beliefs and ideologies of others
  • think critically and self-critically in written documents and oral communication
  • master language skills necessary for citizens wishing to express themselves clearly and effectively
  • attain a critical understanding of our cultural heritage
  • experience the creative freedom and power that comes when you learn how language is a means for both discovery and expression.

Both Old and New

While perhaps the oldest discipline represented at Coe with a history reaching back 2,500 years, Rhetoric is one of the newest departments at the college and as such remains fresh, vital and ever-expanding in its offerings.

As a rhetoric student, you willlearn how to use ethos, pathos, and logos as Aristotle suggested back in the 4th century BCE. You'll also learn to critique today's electronic media, create documentaries and websites, and do research on communication topics that interest you.

Our Department and Your Future

Whether you take just a few Rhetoric courses, or work towards a major, our courses will prepare you for life after college. Our students have gone on to careers in:

  • marketing
  • management in many fields
  • journalism
  • broadcasting
  • human resources
  • copywriting promotional materials
  • editing
  • public relations
  • counseling and social work
  • education
  • theatre

For more information about courses we offer, visit our list of courses from the college catalog. For more information about our majors and minors, visit the Communication Studies or the Writing Major pages.