Carstens, Administrative Coordinator.

The Public Relations major is intended to prepare students for a career in public relations and related communication fields. The major integrates course work in business administration, professional writing, graphic arts, and other disciplines relevant to public relations. The curriculum encourages the development of skills and perspectives desirable for learning to manage the successful communication between an organization and its publics.

Students wishing to complete this major must consult with the administrative coordinator no later than the first term of their junior year. Students wishing to register for any of the art courses that count toward this major should consult with the art department prior to course registration.

Public Relations Major

  1. Fulfill requirements for any of the majors listed on p. 10
  2. One of the following:
    ART-065 Two-Dimensional Fundamentals
    ART-145 Digital Art I
    ART-155 Photography I
    ART-305 Topics in Graphic Design
  3. PR-205 Public Relations
  4. BUS-355 Marketing
  5. BUS-460 Advertising
  6. One of the following:
    RHE-215 Introduction to Journalism
    RHE-225 Journalism and Media Writing Workshop
  7. One of the following (producing a portfolio of writings related to the field of public relations):
    RHE-415 Advanced Writing Workshop
    BUS-461 Marketing Management
  8. One of the following:
    BUS-895 Internship in Business (with public relations or advertising as a major component)
    INT-800 Summer Internship (non-credit bearing) (with public relations as a major component)
    RHE-895 Internship in Public Relations/Journalism/Communication
  9. Three of the following. No more than two courses may be selected from within any one department. (Students majoring in Business Administration may select no more than one course with a BUS prefix. Students majoring in Communication Studies or in Writing may select no more than one course with an RHE prefix.)
    ART-065 Two-Dimensional Fundamentals (if not used to fulfill #2)
    ART-105 Topics in Digital Art
    ART-145 Digital Art I (if not used to fulfill #2)
    ART-155 Photography I (if not used to fulfill #2)
    ART-305 Topics in Graphic Design (if not used to fulfill #2)
    ART-345 Digital Art II
    ART-355 Photography II
    BUS-205 Principles of Accounting I
    BUS-275 Principles of Management
    BUS-375 Business Ethics
    BUS-461 Marketing Management (if not used to fulfill #7)
    BUS-465 Advanced Topics in Marketing, subject to topic approval by Public Relations Administrative Coordinator
    BUS-705 Seminar in Management, subject to topic approval by Public Relations Administrative Coordinator
    RHE-125 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    RHE-157 Media and Mass Communication
    RHE-225 Journalism and Media Writing Workshop (if not used to fulfill #5)
    RHE-265 Professional Writing
    RHE-317 Persuasion and Propaganda
    RHE-325 Advanced Media Writing Workshop
    RHE-415 Advanced Writing Workshop (if not used to fulfill #7)

Core Course Descriptions

PR-205 Public Relations

A study of the key concepts and processes of public relations used in corporate, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Topics studied include planning, research, communication/media channels, campaigns, crisis communication, and public relations ethics. The historical development of public relations, current trends in public relations, and international issues in public relations are also covered. This course does not satisfy any of the requirements for a major in business administration. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

BUS-355 Marketing

A study of the basic principles of marketing including the analysis of market opportunities, market segmentation, and product positioning. Emphasis is placed on consumer markets and the development of marketing strategy using the variables of product, price, promotion, and distribution. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

BUS-460 Advertising

A study of the basic practices and concepts of advertising. Advertising is studied in the broader context of integrated marketing communications, including public relations and sales promotion. Topics to be covered include historical, legal, and ethical concepts of advertising and other forms of promotion, the management and planning of advertising, creativity in advertising, media planning, and advertising research. Prerequisite: Marketing (BUS-355).