The areas of study available at Coe provide excellent preparation for students seeking to enter a professional school or graduate program. As early as possible in their undergraduate years, students should coordinate a four-year academic program with the entrance requirements of the graduate institutions in which they are interested.

The course of study for Coe Pre-Dentistry normally includes an emphasis on biology and chemistry, with additional related study possible in physics and mathematics. Coe's biology, chemistry and pre-med clubs can help you meet and interact with students who share your interests.

Because some students at Coe College are interested in careers in Dentistry, special faculty advisors are available to confer with those who want to fulfill the requirements for entrance into postgraduate education for this area. Your Coe advisor can facilitate internships and other practical experiences to help you learn more about the professional specialties in which you are interested.

Program Outcomes:

Coe graduates have an excellent record of admission to leading graduate and professional schools. In recent years Coe grads have been accepted at medical schools such as Stanford University, the University of Iowa, Baylor University, Duke University, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Successful Graduates:

David Gehring

David Gehring is a native of Rochelle, Illinois and graduated from Coe in 1989. He is married to Susan (Koenig) Gehring, class of 1989, whom he met at Coe Freshman Orientation and dated for nine years before getting married. While at Coe, David majored in chemistry, general science and English, with a minor in biology. He went on to earn his D.D.S. from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1993 and his master's degree and Certificate in Orthodontics in 1995, also at Iowa. He then established Gehring Orthodontics in Cedar Rapids.

"I enrolled at Coe with a vague idea that I wanted to pursue dentistry as a career. However, since I was still unsure I decided to explore areas beyond the standard 'pre-dental' curriculum. Discovering the liberal arts at Coe became one of the most enjoyable parts of my college experience. Ultimately dentistry became my calling, and Coe's pre-dental program provided superior preparation for the rigors of dental school. But more importantly, the broad liberal arts background I received at Coe strengthened my skills in critical thinking, concise writing, effective communication and time management. These important skills continue to enhance my life and professional career on a daily basis. Moreover, the friendships and personal relationships that I developed at Coe continue to enrich my life, and I value my continued involvement with the college." - David Gehring '89

Preparing Yourself In College:

  • Follow the pre-health course of study. This will include science requirements - usually biology courses, chemistry and calculus.
  • Contact the prehealth advisors (Dr. Dean). They will help you to plan out your schedule of classes. You will also have the opportunity to set up an internship, prepare for the DAT, and keep your application process on schedule.
  • Check with the dental schools where you want to apply for specific courses they will require for admission. You may need to add some courses to meet a school's special requirements, and these courses can be taken through general education requirements.
  • Visit your own dentist and ask him or her questions about a career in dentistry. Spend a day in his or her office and see what private practice is all about.
  • Check for links to the American Dental Association, which provides information on dental careers.
  • Join the Premed Club, Biology, or Chemistry Clubs and enjoy the company of students with similar interests.

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