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For most careers in architecture, students will need to complete a Masters of Architecture degree following their B.A. at Coe.

Please contact Andrea Kann (, the college's Pre-Architecture Faculty Advisor, to discuss the requirements for entrance into postgraduate training for this area. She can facilitate internships and other practical experiences to help you learn more about the field.

The course of study for Pre-Architecture normally includes an emphasis on studio art (with a particular focus on three-dimensional media), physics and mathematics, with additional related study recommended in art history, Western civilization and digital media. An internship with an architecture firm during the Junior or Senior year at Coe Is recommended as part of the student's experience.

Program Outcomes:

Coe graduates have an excellent record of admission at leading architecture programs. Coe grads have been accepted at architecture schools such as Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Iowa State University.

Preparing Yourself In College:

To prepare for successful application into graduate architecture programs, we recommend that, in addition to the courses completed for the major, students should include in their schedules:

  • Analytic geometry/trigonometry/calculus
  • Physics
  • History of Western civilization
  • A series of two-and three-dimensional studio art courses, including:
    • Thinking in 3-D
    • Ceramics
    • Sculpture
    • Drawing
    • Digital Art
    • Color
  • History of Architecture
  • Modern and Contemporary Architecture
  • An internship with a local architecture firm
  • CAD courses (offered through the Theater Department)

Optional, but helpful:

  • Marketing (Offered through the Business Department)