Off-Campus Opportunities

Washington Term

Coe has a Washington Term Program in which political science students are encouraged to participate. It involves living in Washington, D.C. for the entire fall term and taking a first-hand observer course in American government and a part-time internship--usually in a governmental or interest group office.

This is what recent participants have to say about that opportunity:

On the White House Garden Tour.

On the White House Garden Tour.

Annabeth Hampton '16

"During my time in DC, I interned with the National Corn Growers Association. As I was the only intern in the office, I did a little bit of everything. I worked on communications, like press releases, news stories, and tweets for the NCGA. I also attended congressional hearings and did research for the lobbyists in the office. Choosing to do D.C. Term was one of the best decisions I've made. I learned about farm policy, ethanol, and of course all about corn. In addition, D.C. Term has given my post-graduation plans direction and I now plan to work for USDA's Farm Service Agency after graduation."


McKenna Inskeep

Enjoying the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

McKenna Inskeep '15

I interned for the semester at the headquarters of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in DC this Spring Semester. I worked in NOW's president's office and helped with the event planning for NOW's upcoming annual conference, as well as writing blog posts and working on the website. Because I interned in such a small office, I got the opportunity to observe the daily tasks of the employees in a wide variety of positions, including the president and other executive officers. Living in a neighborhood near the Capital Building and National Mall was a great way to experience the city as something other than a tourist, but I also managed to take advantage of incredible museums DC offers, visiting a new one each week. The highlight of my semester was making it on CNN when I went to a gay marriage rally outside the Supreme Court.

Semester Programs

Political Science students have a wide variety of opportunities to study abroad. We have programs all of the world that can enrich the study to political challenges and dynamics. Examples include ACM programs in Botswana, Chicago, Costa Rica and India.

Out for coffee in Hanoi Vietnam.

Out for coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Evan Friesen '15

"I spent a semester abroad on the Coe College Asia term which consists of staying in Thailand and Vietnam with shorter excursions to Laos and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I learned basic Thai and studied political culture throughout Southeast Asia with a focus on Thailand's political crisis.

May Term

Political Science faculty and students also participate in many May Term classes each year. Dr. Lanegran and Dr. Chaimov (Department of Foreign Languages) took students to Berlin, Germany and The Hague, Netherlands to study human rights and international human rights law in May 2012.

This is how Julianne Kopriva describes her experiences:

“We went to Berlin and the Hague to learn about human rights and international justice. The first half of the trip we spent in Berlin and the surrounding area learning about the horrors of the Holocaust. This lead to the Nuremberg Trials held after the war, in which leading Nazis were tried and most were convicted for the crimes they committed. We visited the site of these trials and saw the courtroom in which they were held. The Nuremberg Trials set the stage for all human rights laws and laws concerning crimes against humanity, and it was really amazing to see the place where they happened. We continued our trip into the Netherlands and stayed in the beautiful city of Delft, about a half an hour away from the Hague. We got to travel into the Hague and see the ICTY and the ICC. The security was tight, but we were able to get a glimpse into the international justice system. Not only did I learn a lot through this trip about human rights and the Holocaust, but I also had a lot of fun living in Berlin and Delft for a few weeks! They were both beautiful and it was incredible to be there.”

Julianne Kopriva (front row) enjoys a Berliner on the spot where President John F. Kenney addressed the people of divided Berlin in 1963.

Julianne Kopriva (front row) enjoys a Berliner on the spot where President John F. Kenney addressed the people of divided Berlin in 1963.


Internships, either full-time or part-time, are also possible in other locations. Past examples include working in local government offices in Maine and Iowa, presidential campaigns, a U.S. senator's office, the Illinois and Iowa legislatures, and the local office of legal assistance.