The organizational science major is a collateral and interdisciplinary program of study designed to acquaint students with human behavior in organizations from both theoretical and applied perspectives. The program aims to prepare students to carry out various human resources, organizational development, customer service, and institutional research functions in a variety of organizational settings. It also prepares students for graduate study in the fields of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, human resources, quantitative methods, and other similar fields. Required courses in quantitative methods form the core of the major, complemented by required and elective coursework on relevant topics within the disciplines of psychology and business administration that are central to the field. An internship or research experience is also required.

Collateral Major in Organizational Science

  1. Completion of a major in psychology
  2. All of the following quantitative/methodological core courses:
    BUS-340 Applied Regression Analysis
    PSY-475 Testing and Measurement
  3. All of the following organizational core courses:
    BUS-245 Human Resource Management
    BUS-345 Business Law I
    PSY-2XX Organizational Psychology
    PSY-465 Industrial Psychology
  4. Four elective courses to be chosen as indicated from the two lists below.
    1. At least two of the following courses:
      BUS-275 Principles of Management
      BUS-325 Business Law II
      BUS-375 Business Ethics
      BUS-387 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management
      BUS-395 Organizational Behavior
      BUS-437 Strategic Compensation
      BUS-457 Employment and Discrimination Law
      BUS-705 Seminar in Management
    2. No more than two of the following courses:
      PSY-335 Social Psychology
      PSY-385 Learning and Behavior
      PSY-495 Personality
      PSY-705 Seminar in Psychology (if topic is appropriate)
  5. One of the following, subject to prior approval by the Organizational Science administrative coordinator:
    BUS-805 Research in Business (with departmental approval)
    BUS-895 Internship in Business (with departmental approval)
    PSY-565 Advanced Experimental Psychology
    PSY-895 Internship in Psychology