May Term

May Term is an optional term at Coe that takes place, not surprisingly, in the month of May (and into early June), after spring graduation. During this three and a half week-long term, many Coe faculty lead travel courses that take place in many corners of the globe, including Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and even domestic travel courses themed around baseball writing, the Civil War, or other engaging topics.

Many students enjoy May Term off-campus travel courses for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the trips often feature exciting destinations and interesting groups of like-minded Kohawks, including the professors enthusiastically leading the class. In addition, for students who have commitments, such as athletics, that keep them on campus during the fall and spring terms, the May Term option often works well. Also, it is a great way to try out studying off-campus, particularly for those with a bit less experience traveling abroad. Who knows, after a thrilling three weeks in Greece on a May Term, you might find yourself overseas again in a future fall or spring term!

May Term courses vary each year and are generally announced early in the fall term. Students should watch for information sessions advertised via email and on flyers and posters. May Term registration is handled by the professors leading the courses and the Provost’s Office, so students do not need to get approval to take a May Term course through the Office of Off-Campus Study.

Recent examples of May Term offerings: