Coe College Programs

Coe produces programs, both domestic and abroad. They're economical and applications are later than for others.

Gyro cart

Asia Term

Guided by a Coe faculty member, Asia Term is a chance to engage with Buddhist monks, market sellers, and students in Southeast Asia.

New York Term

Spring term in New York means an opportunity to experience theatre, music, art, architecture, and all the New York has to offer.

Washington Term

Coe's Washington Term includes coursework in political science, cultural excursions, and an internship at a government office, a non-profit agency, even an embassy.

Wilderness Field Station

Located on a pristine lake a few miles from the Canadian border, Coe's campus in the woods offers students from Coe and other colleges an opportunity to spend a portion of their summer doing hands-on learning in the wilderness about the wilderness.

I've learned how completely and entirely dependent we are on the ability to email/call/text people. I did a rural stay in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where I didn't have access to a phone or the Internet. I developed the most intimate relationships there because I only had the people around me. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I learned the most about the language and the culture from that experience.

-- Malyssa Oblander, Costa Rica