The nursing program is elite, selective, and known for educating outstanding nurses.

We are not a typical BSN program!

Our nursing students:

  • Participate in highly interactive classrooms that optimize the opportunity for critical thinking.
  • Engage in hands-on nursing practice, in self-selected sites.
  • Are paired one on one with registered nurse experts for three semesters of clinical learning.
  • Learn from experienced teachers, with proven track records for excellence.
  • Remain on campus for the entire four years of education.
  • Receive personalized attention from faculty mentors.
  • Are highly sought for employment because of their readiness to practice.
  • Have opportunities to travel abroad.
  • Apply leadership skills by implementing a quality improvement project in a health care agency.
  • Form life-long relationships with faculty and peers.
  • Find out how we are different by asking other programs:

    • How do nursing students learn through clinical practice?
    • Describe the nursing faculty ~ their education preparation ~ their years of teaching experience?
    • Where will I complete my clinical education, and will that require me to relocate?
    • How long has your program been in existence?
    • What is the national reputation and recognition of your college?
    • If I change my mind about nursing, what is the availability and quality of other majors?
    • How well are students prepared for graduate school or further studies?
    • What are opportunities for study and travel abroad?

    Nursing students involved in a global experience in Swaziland during May Term.