Student Research Opportunities

Coe College has a strong tradition of student/faculty research collaboration. As a neuroscience major you will have the opportunity to participate in original research in a number of exciting areas directly related to neuroscience ranging from the molecular to the behavioral level with faculty from the Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology departments. You will have the opportunity for hands-on laboratory experiences that will build upon what you have learned in your coursework. You will also have opportunities to present your research; not only to your fellow Coe students, but also at regional and national scientific conferences. These experiences help develop skills that are particularly valuable for graduate study and for any career you might choose.



2012-2013 Neuroscience Student/Faculty Research

(presented at on-campus and off-campus symposia)

  • Neuroscience research presentation Perception of Causality.
    Seth Cohen, Aubrey Gaul, Lily Pribnow & Dr. Thomas Moye
  • Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Gene Expression in Astrocytes.
    Kaylyn Evans & Dr. Paul Storer.
  • Effects of Prenatal Methamphetamine on Cocaine Sensitization in Male Domestic Fowl Chicks.
    Arial Harland, Jacob Johnson, Lisa Martino, Diana Shrestha, Stacey Teltser, Adrien White, & Dr. Mike Baker
  • Stuck in the Present? The Use of the Historical Present in Constructed Narratives of Patients with Bilateral Hippocampal Damage.
    Elisa Tan & Jake Kurczek
  • Sex-Dependent Effects of Prenatal Methamphetamine on Strength of Social Bonds in Domestic Fowl Chicks.
    Lauren Lock, Vanessa Lowdon, Katelyn McAdam, Lindsey Schmidt, Rachel Tingley, & Dr. Mike Baker
  • Murine Glia Express Procalcitonin and CGRP: Implications for Migraine.
    Molly Schlichenmayer & Dr. Paul Storer.
  • Psychological Factors are Related to Pain and Function in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
    Brittany Sleeuwenhoek &. Dr. Jennifer Lee
  • Methamphetamine Conditioned Place Preference in Male Domestic Fowl Chicks as a Function of Dose
    Kaylyn Evans, Kelsie Junge, Jessica Karminski, Tyler Kronberger, Kelli Shipley, Caitlin Widder, & Dr. Mike Baker
  • Your Words Matter: What You Say and How You Think.
    Stacie Teltser & Jake Kurczek