Four-Year Plan

The following represents only one of many paths students can take to complete the major in neuroscience.  Note that students typically take 4 courses per semester for a total of eight each year.  Also keep in mind that because you must also major in biology, chemistry, or psychology for your neuroscience collateral major, some of the classes below will also count toward your primary major.
  • 1st Year
    • BIO-145/140 Cellular & Molecular Biology & Laboratory
    • BIO-155/150 Organismal & Ecological Biology & Laboratory
  • 2nd Year Fall
    • CHM-155 Principals of Structural Chemistry
    • CHM-165 Principles of Chemical Reactivity
    • PSY- 225 Introduction to Biopsychology
    • BIO-255/250  Experimental Human Physiology & Laboratory
  • 3rd Year
    • PSY-485 Drugs & Behavior
    • Neuroscience Elective
    • Neuroscience Elective
    • Neuroscience Elective
  • 4th Year
    • PSY-525 Behavioral Neuroscience
    • Neuroscience Elective