A student check on Coe's egg incubator and hatcher.
A student enters data in one of Coe's neuroscience labs.

Neuroscience students here at Coe have access to a vast assortment of equipment and technology housed in four separate labs on campus.

  • Baker Laboratory
    • Large recently renovated, 5-room animal laboratory suite that rivals many found at larger universities
    • Multiple sound-attenuated cubicles equipped with closed-circuit video
    • Multiple animal behavior test chambers equipped with infrared photocells for monitoring activity, timing, and vocalizations.
    • MED-PC computer data acquisition system
    • Large capacity egg incubator and hatcher
    • Animal colony room with temperature and light/dark cycle controls
    • Axolotl aquaria
  • Christianson Laboratory
  • Moye Laboratory
    • SuperLab Stimulus Presentation and Data Acquisition Software
    • Isolation rooms with computer testing stations
  • Storer Laboratory
    • Cell culture and molecular biology equipment (including RT-PCR, real time PCR, and western blotting)
  • Campus-wide access to advanced statistical software
  • Neuron simulation software
Neuroscience Lab - fish
Neuroscience Lab equipment