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Academic Requirements

All music students must complete Theory of Music I, II, III and two history / literature courses. Students seeking a B.A. degree must also complete four terms of lessons and ensembles and one music elective.

Bachelor of Music degree candidates must complete Theory of Music IV, an additional history / literature course, and eight terms of lessons and ensembles, or seven with student teaching. The number of additional required courses for specializations within the Bachelor of Music program varies according to the area of specialization. All candidates for this degree must pass the Keyboard Fundamentals Examination, and Composition and Performance majors must present a satisfactory full-length recital.

Students who minor in music must take six courses, of which four are academic.

Courses Offered

Visit the Coe College Catalog for complete information on the Music Department's course offerings.

  • Theory of Music I, II, III, IV
  • Advanced Counterpoint
  • Orchestration
  • Computer Music Workstation
  • Enjoyment of Music
  • Music History & Literature I, II, III
  • Conducting I
  • Conducting II
  • Piano Pedagogy and Literature
  • Music for the Elementary Teacher
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Diction for Singers
  • Practicum in Music Education
  • Vocal Methods
  • Instrumental Methods
  • Student Teaching - Elementary
  • Student Teaching - Secondary
  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • Instrumental Techniques
  • Choral Techniques
  • Topics in Vocal Literature
  • Introduction to Jazz History
  • Musical Theater Courses
  • Music of Other Cultures
  • Film Music