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Student Opportunities

Many of our majors participate in summer research programs. Here are some recent places students worked.

Participation in summer National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF REU’s)

  • Maranda Franke – Army Research Lab project at University of Iowa
  • Mike Huff -- Los Alamos National Labs through Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory -- The National Undergraduate Fellowship Program in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Sciences
  • Alec Herr – SURF at Georgia Tech
  • Jack Berkowitz – UCLA Neurophysics of Spacetime REU
  • Mike McConnell & Curtis Stochl– Math REU at University of Iowa
  • Matt D. Burch – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Math Club

Coe has a very active Math Club, funded through the Student Senate and driven by student interest. The Math Club generally organizes at least one event per month through the academic year, with a wide variety of activities. We've enjoyed surprisingly high participation, with as many as 45 people turning up for speakers and more than a dozen involved in winter break reading projects.

The Lindsay Seminar

The Lindsay Seminar gives some of the most promising entering students a chance to experience mathematics as a creative endeavor, where conjectures and verifications take the place of routine computations. The work is collaborative and discovery-based - rather than being shown how to work things out, the students figure it out for themselves and explain their thinking to each other.