Off-Campus Opportunities

Many Math and computer Science majors at Coe participate in regional, national, & international competitions and conferences.

  • Association for Computing Machinery's International Collegiate Programming Contest
  • The annual Putnam Mathematical Competition
  • The Iowa Section of the MAA's Collegiate Mathematics Competition
  • Midwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (MUMS)
  • Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics
  • Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • Computer Science Education Conference (SIGCSE)

We have a colloquia series where students can hear talks by professionals & academics on a variety of subjects. It also gives an opportunity for students to present their own research to the rest of the student body.

Coe Students Present research at international conference

Coe students Marc Davenport and Dalton Ott presented a research poster entitled "Collaboration Strategies for Drag-and-Drop Interaction with Multiple Devices" at the Human-Computer Interaction International conference July 19-22 in Toronto, Canada.

Marc and Dalton worked together on this project during the summer of 2015. They developed a software tool that allows users to connect multiple mice to a shared computer. You can read more about their project here.

Collaboration Strategies  for Drag-and-Drop Interaction with Multiple Devices

Coe students earn second place finish at HackISU competition

Coe students Marissa Carson, Kyle Goranson and Gabriel Leonard participated in HackISU on April 10-12, 2015. The students spent 36 hours conceiving, designing and implementing an App called "PayDometer." They were awarded second place out of over 200 participants for their creation. Click here to read about their project.

Once again Coe students take second place in the HackISU competition

Coe students Marissa Carson, Gabriel Leonard and Kyle Goranson returned to the HackISU competition this fall and claimed second place once again. The competition was held Sept. 18-20 on the Iowa State University campus. The team created an App called Book Buddy, which allows students to find buyers and sellers for textbooks within a local community.
Marissa Carson, Kyyle Gorandson and Gabriel Leonard participated in HackISU on April 10-12. Hack ISU - Fall 2015