Are students who get a Math/ CS major at Coe successful after college?
In the past several years we have had 100% of students receiving graduate school admission (of those who wanted to go to graduate school) and well over 90% of those receiving full financial support from their chosen institution.

Can I major in math and something else?
We know that students who seek out a liberal arts education usually have a variety of interests. At Coe many students who major in Mathematics or Computer Science also receive degrees in other areas. Historically over half of the majors in or department graduate with multiple degrees. Some of the most common double majors are Computer Science & Physics or Mathematics & Business Administration, but students who have majored in Mathematics or Computer Science have received double majors with almost every other department on campus.

Does the department offer a wide variety of courses?
Unlike many smaller institutions Coe is able to offer a wide variety of courses to suite student’s needs & desires. The regular teaching of topics classes also allows student’s the opportunity to decide what courses need to be taught to prepare them for the future endeavors.

Can I see myself as part of this community?
There are many fine institutions out there but to take full advantage of the college experience the ‘fit' has to be right. We believe the atmosphere in our department makes it a wonderful place for student to grow both academically & socially. The design of the facilities makes for a family type atmosphere where student & faculty/student interactions are a natural part of the learning process.