Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty

Gavin Cross

Gavin Cross
Professor of Mathematics, Chair
B.A., B.S., Miami University, Ohio
M.S., University of Missouri-Rolla
M.S., Ph.D, University of Iowa

Contact information:
Phone: 319-399-8682
Office: 314 Stuart Hall
Personal Website

Academic Interests:
Statistical Education & Probabilistic Combinatorics.

Classes taught at Coe:
STA 100 Statistical Reasoning I – Statistical Foundations
STA 105 Probability: A World of Chance
STA 110 Statistical Reasoning II – Inferential Statistics
STA 315 Probability & Statistics I
STA 325 Probability & Statistics II
MTH 135 Calculus I
MTH 145 Calculus II
MTH 325 Differential Equations
MTH 455 Mathematical Modeling
MTH 705 Special Topics: Actuarial Science
And several First Year Seminars

Favorite Coe Tradition:
Late Night Breakfast: Helping other faculty & members of the staff feed half the campus the night before finals start. It is a hectic few hours but the students love it.

Personal Interests:
Web page design, soccer, cooking

Year Started Teaching at Coe:

Why have you chosen to teach at Coe?
When I was looking at different institutions, Coe just felt right. The atmosphere and the academic strength of the college just made me feel at home.

Kent Herron

Kent Herron
W. Kent Herron Professor of Mathematics
B.A., University of Dubuque
M.S., Ph.D., University of Iowa

Terry Hostetler

Terry Hostetler
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
A.B., Augustana College
M.S., University of Illinois
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Contact information:
Phone: 319-399-8537

Academic & Research Interests:
Computer graphics, virtual environments, autonomous agents, computer-human interaction, user-interface design, computer science education

Classes taught at Coe:
CS-105 Computers and Society
CS-125 Computer Science I
CS-225 Computer Science II
CS-315 C Programming in the Unix Environment
CS-335 Machine Architecture and Assembly Language
CS-345 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-355 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
CS-425 Programming Languages
CS-485 Principles of Computer Graphics

Special Programs involved with at Coe:
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Personal Interests:

Year Started Teaching at Coe:

Why have you chosen to teach at Coe?
Small classes and the tradition of a liberal arts education.

Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
B.S., Dickinson College
M.S., Indiana University
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Contact information:
Personal Website

Brittney Miller

Brittney Miller
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., University of Southern California
Ph.D., Purdue University

Contact Information:
Office: Stuart Hall 314
Phone: 319-399-8759
Personal Website

Calvin Van Niewaal

Calvin Van Niewaal
Professor of Computer Science and John F. Yothers Professor of Mathematics
B.A., Cornell College
M.S., University of Kentucky
M.S., University of Iowa

Contact information:
Phone: 319-399-8642
FAX: 319-399-8010

Research and academic interests:
Topology, Theory of Computation, liberal arts education

Courses Taught at Coe:
This is in transition at this point with the changes in faculty in our department. I will no longer be teaching as much computer science.  I anticipate that I will be teaching the following courses over the next two or three years:
FS-110 First-Year Seminar
MTH-105 Math in Today’s World
MTH-135,-145,-255 Calculus (I, II, & III)
MTH-215 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
MTH-265 Linear Algebra
MTH-445 Complex Analysis
MTH-505 Set Theory and Topology
CS-365    Discrete Structures

Special programs involved with at Coe:
Faculty Advisor for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity

Personal interests – Professional interests:
Music – play trumpet, sing baritone/bass
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia – faculty Advisor for the Beta Kappa chapter at Coe, member of the national Board of Governors with responsibility for overseeing chapters in Iowa, southern Minnesota, and northwestern Illinois, trustee for the Sinfonia Educational Foundation
Phi Beta Kappa - secretary-treasurer of the chapter at Coe since 1983, 2009-2012 secretary of the North Central District (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin) of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
Mathematical Association of America (MAA) - member of the Board of Governors (2007-2010), member of the Committee on MAA/Department Liaisons (2011-2014)

Favorite Coe Memory:
It is really very difficult to pick out a single favorite memory.  I have so many memories over the 30 years I have been at Coe.  But one that certainly was important and has made a real difference in my life:  being initiated into Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia in 1993 as a faculty member.  I was honored to that the Sinfonians thought so highly of me that they would ask me to become a member of their fraternity.  The initiation ceremony itself was incredibly moving (of course since it is secret I can’t explain why).  I fell in love with the fraternity and its goal of promoting music in America.  I count many of the young men I have worked with in the fraternity among my best friends.

Favorite Coe Tradition:
My absolute favorite events of the year are the opening convocations in August and the baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies each May.  As college marshal since 1990 I have had the pleasure of leading the academic processions that mark the beginning and end of each year.  It is traditional for all students to have their pictures taken ringing the victory bell at both the beginning and the end of their time at Coe.  While the bell has been replaced twice during the past two decades, the tradition of ringing the bell continues.  There is just something about the “music” of the pealing bell, whether it is saying “welcome to Coe” or “we will miss you.”

Year I started teaching:
August 1981 – Hey that was 30 years ago!  Doesn’t really seem that long ago.

Why have I chosen to teach at Coe?
I chose to come to Coe because there was a job available at a time when there were not a lot of teaching jobs out there.  I chose to stay at Coe because it became home.  The people – faculty, staff, and students – are family.  I have now been at Coe half my life.

Jonathan White

Jonathan J. White
Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A., Coe College
M.S., University of Iowa
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Personal Website