Why study this major at Coe?

Why shouldn’t you? Questions of gender and sexuality are central to our lives. Are we born to our gender, or do we become it over time? Are there inherent gender differences? What kind of power and privileges are tied to the gender role we perform? What kinds of sexualities are considered normative, which are not, and why? What is the social function of misogyny and homophobia? What can be done to counter discrimination and to foster empathy and understanding? Knowing how we understand and construct gendered identities and sexuality as individuals and as cultures provides invaluable insights into whatever we do and encounter in our lives. Our gender studies programs fosters an active, engaged community where personal and intellectual inquiry enriches a true liberal arts education.

Why should a student think an education in your department and at Coe is valuable as compared to other options?

Gender Studies is not a discipline built upon the accumulation of facts, figures, and dates, but rather, the cultivation of curiosity, awareness and critical skills to examine how we construct ourselves and the world through the lens of gender and sexuality. We take this approach very seriously and design our courses to help students follow their own questions and come to their own conclusions

What makes the department and this major appealing and/or unique, etc?

Recently revised and updated with new courses, the inclusion of new faculty, and a quadrupling of declared majors and minors.  We emphasize a cross-cultural approach that examines the ways in which all genders and sexualities function in their contexts.

Has the department received any awards and/or grants?

Gender Studies recently received a two-year fellowship position funded through ACM. Our new fellow will be on campus 2011-2013 and will teach a variety of new courses and develop more programming on campus.