Student Opportunities

Exchange Programs

The Université de Valenciennes

A semester or year-long exchange available in the junior year. Students may elect to study language and culture in the FLLASH program, or enroll in regular university courses. Housing is available on campus in the international residence or may be arranged privately downtown. Valenciennes is in northern France, close to Lille, and a short train ride away from Paris,  London, and Belgium.

The Université de Québec à Chicoutimi

A semester-long exchange in the heart of Québec, surrounded by natural wonders and a very authentic québecois culture. Housing is available on campus. Winter and May Term immersion programs may also be arranged privately for credit.

The Universität Landau

Students can spend a term or a year at our exchange partner-school, a small, friendly university nestled among the vineyards of Southwestern Germany. Each fall Landau sends us about five German students.

Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, Spain

At UJI students can take courses in any discipline. Although the university is located in beautiful Valencia, on the Mediterranean, most of the courses are offered in Castillian Spanish. Homestays distinguish this exchange program from virtually all others.

Other Study Abroad Programs

ACM Costa Rica

The ACM offers two very popular programs in Costa Rica for learners of Spanish, one in fall on language and culture, one in spring built around independent research in any area.

Our students also study on many other programs in Europe, Africa, and Latin America where they can perfect their language skills and deepen their cultural knowledge. Inquire with the Director of Off-Campus Study.

May Term in Spain

Department CLubs and Organizations

French Club is a student-run organization that hosts the weekly French conversation group, crèpe dinners, cheese tastings, and trips to the Iowa City French table. Its goal is to make sure students can practice their French, at all levels with each other and native speakers, in informal and fun events.

“Lunch-olés” is a weekly one-hour informal meeting with Coe students to practice oral Spanish.

German Club's Kaffeeklatsch is the highlight of week in which we meet for conversation and conviviality with the German exchange students at a local coffee shop. We also go on field trips, show films, and organize other activities.