Career Opportunities

Learning a foreign language opens up whole new worlds of people to meet, places to go, books to read, and careers to pursue. Some careers use your language skills directly: teaching, international manufacturing, diplomacy, international business and development, publishing, translating, working in the travel industry. But you can also pursue a career in medicine, law, journalism, government, non-profit agencies, or many other professional areas and have your work-life enriched by your ability to understand other cultures in profound ways.

Coe Graduates Who Have Majored in a Foreign Language

Foreign language students have participated in Teach for America, the Peace Corps, and have taught English abroad in a number of countries. Many and have continued on to graduate programs in anthropology, chemistry, psychology, architecture, music education, law, accounting. Others have become writers, human resource managers, college admission counselors, and artists.

Here are a few examples of what Coe foreign language graduates have been doing after graduation.

  • Tracey Peters (Spanish, minor in French) teaches Spanish at Orange Unified High School in California.
  • Paul Venhuizen (French and Physics) is working toward a Ph.D. in French Literature at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Raquel R. Brandhorst (Spanish and Business) is an Assistant Vice-President and Loan Officer at a bank. While at Coe, she did a business honors project related to the Hispanic community in West Liberty, Iowa.
  • Lisa Exey Hoppe (German, Literature, and English) is raising a family in Bonn, Germany, where whe works as an editor and translator for the Fulbright Commission.
  • Lorraine Martorelli (Spanish) earned a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University. Currently works at the University of Chicago's Center for International Studies as an Area Studies Coordinator.
  • Jill Thompson (French and Art) worked as the Registrar at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.
  • Amanda Moore (Spanish, English and Creative Writing) worked in the Social Work Training Division of Casa Central in Chicago, but is now the Website Managing Editor/English Instructor at Cranbrook Educational Community.
  • Trina Koppang worked for German-owned Canton Audio in Minneapolis and is now an Administrative Assistant at Group Madsen.
  • Tom Wagner (French), who taught French in the Omaha Public School System, is now a Dean of Students.
  • Jennifer Engelkemier, former curator of the German immigrant collections at the Museum of Amana History, is pursing a Master's in Linguistics at Payap University in Thailand.
  • Chiraz Boutiba (International Relations and Spanish) worked a member of the Gulf War Compensation Commission of the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland, and is now in the Office of Humanitarian Affairs.
  • Derek Daniel (German) lived in Berlin while completing on a graduate degree in Computer Science.
  • Mike Noonan (Spanish) is a Physical Therapist in Tucson, Arizona, an area with a large Hispanic population.
  • Paul Wilson (French and Business Administration) worked for the Merrill-Lynch Investment Company, and is currently an Employees Benefit Consultant at Acordia of Ohio, Inc.
  • Andrea Purvis (Spanish and English) worked with Hispanics in the area of social services. She is now a Migrant School Liaison for Kansas City Public Schools.
  • Grace Yabrudy (French and Business) served as a Staff Officer for the World Bank in Mali. She is currently a Country Manager for the World Bank.
  • Kathy VanRyzin (German) is assistant editor of German content for an art, music, theater online database.
  • Andrea Ziffer (German) won a Fulbright Award to teach in Germany.
  • Heidi Mittelstaedt (German) is teaching high school German in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Katherine Macbride (classics) is in a doctoral program in Archeology at the University of New Mexico.
  • Christa Burdick (French and Psychology) recently completed a year teaching English in a French Lycée near Strasbourg plans to pursue her Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Kendra Grams (German) attended seminary and works for a church in Washington, DC.
  • Carrie London (German) teaches German at a high school in Waterloo, Iowa.
  • James Pitcher (German) is an auditor for the state of Iowa.
  • Sarah Wedgewood (French) completed her master’s degree in Suzuki music education.
  • Elizabeth Grossman (French) is currently doing an internship at the Cleveland Clinic before heading off to graduate school in counseling psychology.
  • Caitlin Johnson (French) is working in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Justine Erickson (French) is currently in graduate school for psychology in Minnesota.
  • Kelsey Howard (French) is artist in residence at the Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids.
  • Melinda Wong (French) is in Washington DC exploring non-profits.

Current Students Majoring in Foreign Language

In German: Nina Carlson, Martha Hughes, Danielle Maybee

In French: Aminata Soumah, Cirstie Noble, Jenna Silver, Hannah Foss, Palmer Hoegh, Jeff Roalson, Jolie LaBarre