Coe College offers many activities for students to take part in. Whether you're interested in music, sports, cultural events, or nature, there is always something going on at Coe!

Click each topic below for more information on general guidelines or scheduled events.

  • Cultural Events
    Concerts, poetry readings, plays, lectures and forums.
  • Academic Schedule
    Schedule of our academic year, vacations, breaks and final exams.
  • Student Organizations
    Student-run campus organizations which you can get involved in. Interested in health and well-being? Join Coe's Student Wellness group. If you're looking to be an inspiration to today's youth, Coe Friends is a great outlet. How about developing brothers or sisters for life? Our eight fraternities and sororities on campus help students forge this bond. We also have a club for almost every major!
  • Student Life Information
    Take part in Coe College life. Find information here to make Coe College a little more like home.
  • Coe College Athletics
    Organized Kohawks Athletics and intramural information.