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Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The environmental studies major at Coe is a collateral, interdisciplinary program which requires students to study environmental issues using techniques and perspectives derived from a variety of academic disciplines. At its core, environmental studies critically evaluates humanity’s interaction with the natural environment. For students looking to develop knowledge and expertise in this growing field, Coe has created a dynamic, cutting-edge program. Featuring faculty from at least six separate departments, this major is truly a liberal arts experience. Coe’s program combines courses from science (with a particular emphasis on ecology and chemistry); policy (economics, law and politics); and the humanities (philosophy/ethics, rhetoric and history).

In addition to a robust and diverse selection of on-campus courses, many students will also benefit from the many off-campus learning opportunities Coe offers, including the Wilderness Field Station, May term classes, and internships/research programs. Coe’s program will appeal to any student who is interested in environmental issues and policies. Graduates completing the major will be well prepared for further graduate studies in related fields including master’s degree work in environmental policy or public policy, or securing a job in environmental policy. For more information, please contact David Hayes, Pochobradsky Associate Professor of Business Administration and Economics, and Director of Environmental Studies at

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The "shed" at Patagonia's corporate headquarters.
Professor David Hayes (left) and a group of students stand outside of the "shed" at Patagonia's corporate headquarters.